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  Our each children all have own parents, we live every day in the seawhich the parents shows loving concern. Parents' love, likes a mountain, GREat and is generous; Parents' love, likes that tree root, firm and is deep; Parents' love, likes the honey which that hundred flowers breeds, but is happy.

  Thanks you, is you gets us to arrive this full of vitality world.

  Thanks you, all follows in each minute each second side us, to our careful protecting with attendance.

  Thanks you, my dear daddy, in the busy work, you would to squeeze out the time to accompany us, lets us feel the father loves existence.

  Thanks you, my dear mother, you likely are our route indicator, all the time directs the path for us.

  When I meet is difficult, your always first time catches up with, extricates the difficulty for me. When I handle the wrong matter time, you would to me to explain slowly ......Looks you that exhausted facial features, I am unable to restrain somewhat sadly ......

  Thanks you to scatter the cheers and the joke in ours childhood, all considers every time for us.

  When I obtain teacher's praise, you split open the such bright smiling face. Not long after starts sensible us, had known parents' pressure, knew we should do any, but should not do any, we must let the parents feel relieved, do not have again to let them worry again.

  We likely are one all do not have the water bucket, is you works hard, rushes about, but accumulates water one drop of one drop, but packs ......

  You on likely space sun and moon, but we are a commonplace star, must pass through disciplines with diligently, only then can obtain the sweet fruit, only then can fall from the space has an achievement.

  Too many too many thanks, said also could not say, you forever on all my guide, forever always care about, the loving care in mine side to me.

  The world has many parents all is so, they coontinuously to usAll is contributes silently, lets us say with one voice that,“Thanks your continuously attendance, you forever all are our root and the prop!”Parents' love, let me sensibly many, mature many. We meet the jail to keep firmly in mind the bottom, biggest repays them diligently by us.

  Who says the blade of grass heart, the newspaper three parental affections!

  In here, I must ordinary and the GREat parents deep bow deeply for all children to us one gong! Let us simultaneously say together that,“Thanks the daddy, thanks mother, thanks you! Thanks you!!”














  普通和伟大的父母在这里,我必须深我们所有的孩子一个锣深深鞠了一躬!让我们一起同时说,“谢谢爸爸,谢谢妈妈,谢谢你!谢谢你! !”


  There is no sunlight, no warmth of life; there is no rain, no grain of Fengdeng; no water, there would be no life; no parents, there would be no us. No family ties and friendship, the world would be a lonely and dark. These are very si-mp-le truth, no one would understand, but we often lack an ideological and psychological Thanksgiving.

  "Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three Chunhui", "Who knows, A Journey into", which is often when we recite the poem, is to talk about Thanksgiving. The water-en, Yongquan phase reported; title hitch grass, reported in favor of these idioms has been telling us is to Thanksgiving.

  Parents to give our lives, we should know how to Thanksgiving and the actual action to return them; teacher gives us the knowledge, we should know how to Thanksgiving and to return their accomplishments; motherland gives us the peace and tranquility of a soil, we should know how to give their Thanksgiving and naturally given We hope that we should know how to Thanksgiving and love to return.

  Although self thank Dae, but Thanksgiving is not only to keep in mind, but also in the line to pay. You would like to thank the people who must be the expression of that mind, because it is not only expressed his gratitude, but also a spiritual exchange. In this exchange, we will be a result of such息息相通the world has become very beautiful.

  Famous scientist Qian motherland in order to return to his mother's ex-feeding, rejected the U.S. government hired him and all the honorary title, decided to return to poverty and backwardneof the motherland, and engaged in science, the modernization of China's national defense building outstanding contributions.

  People who know how to Thanksgiving, there is a modest person Zhide; people who know how to Thanksgiving, there is a fear of heart; the people know Thanksgiving is a deep understanding of life person.

  Institute of Thanksgiving, we know how to love; Institute of Thanksgiving, thinking learned; Institute of Thanksgiving, it is to understand the world and life.









  Hello, everyone.

  " Dad, Mom" is a very kind call, fatherly motherly love, a contains unlimited touching words. In this world, only the mother's love for her children is the most sincere, the most selfless. However, parents know love, parents know dedication, why can't we have a heart of Thanksgiving? Therefore, the topic of my speech today is "the heart of thanksgiving".

  Thanksgiving is a virtue, is a long history of cultural heritage. Its source is like the flowing streams of love. Memories of history, we were so touched by the story of a mother to son: ancient, can become the big industry, at three moves, for future generations to leave" told " the story. In modern times, a well-known anti-Japanese general Ma Jingzhai 's mother, she was arrested, the face of the Japanese threat, without fear, decided to allow her son to the war of resistance against Japan, then fast to death. Ma Jingzhai wrote the" great mother, live on in spirit, son of bearing mother, continue to struggle.". This one case, a hymn to love, do not reflect a mother do great?

  My mother is an ordinary, but, she is in a breezy morning gave me life; she is in transverse oblique rain on the road of life, gave me strength; she is, in my setbacks, gave me confidence; and she was, in my be big with pride when my humble church. From the bottom of my grateful to her for years, although lost her youth and beauty, but she in my mind forever is Cupid, aphrodite. Hard although took her beautiful singing voice, but her every word is in my heart Jin Yan rhyme, it is the mother of its own actions tell me one of the most common sense: love is selfless dedication.

  Remember the summer morning, it was raining hard, I said:" my mother, the rain is so big, don't go to school, " she said, holding the umbrella, said:" so little rain, will scare you, quickly, come on!" Said mother squat body, wait for me, I hesitate to say:" Mom, don't get me," because I know that, mom's leg was not good, but the day before yesterday just had a cold, my mother said with a smile:" are you afraid of her mother to carry you?" I laughed, resigned over mother strong back, rain hit the ground, they have numerous blisters, I hold up the umbrella, tightly over the mother's back, mother in the rain with a deep, shallow kick to move forward, she said:" umbrella the next play, or wet your back." I cried, I cannot find the words to describe the feelings at the time, the very next day, mother's illness, but she said happily:" you did not catch a cold!"

  I know, our happiness is the smile on your face, our pain is your eyes deep sorrow. We can go far, far away, but never go out of your mind the square, what affects my soul, always inspire me is your sincere and selfless love, you are like the world all mothers love their children. I wish to be a cup of tea, you thirsty, let you drink, I would like to turn into a breeze, blowing your because of the work and sweat, but, I am not, I can only give you every end of herbal tea, give you fan. Can you forgive me?

  Now I know: Thanksgiving, is the heart and the heart of the impact, which can burst out of the spark of love, I sincerely hope that all children have a thankful heart.









  The poet said: spring flowers to the door pushed open a. I said: Thanksgiving to the door pushed open a harmony, harmony open the door to the living. If you carefully listen to the voices of flowers, are everywhere harmonious life movement.

  Love, the soul like fire ignited the hope of love, the soul like绿茵propped up the sky. Love is a force, is a wealth. We should be in the hearts of young sow the seeds of love. Let us be thankful for, the Institute of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving with a heart to face life, in the face of learning, in the face of setbacks, thereby Experience parents, teachers, classmates and friends of selfless relatives and friends, "know drips of TU, when Yongquan of" the real meaning.

  Thanksgiving is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, build a socialist harmonious society needs. Guangdong lawyer Tian, in order to return the mother's kindness in telling your mother dying when she donated his kidney to restore the mother's life; Xu Yu return to the community of his kindness, decided to leave after graduating from university in the bustling city , broke into the thatched shed to seeking knowledge, a thirst for knowledge sent the children ...

  Appreciate your birth, because they allow you access to life; grateful for your dependents, because they allow you to continue to grow; grateful for the concern you, because they give you warmth; grateful to encourage you to the people, because they give you strength; grateful for your education, because they Kaihua your ignorance; grateful to harm your people because they temper your intellect; grateful for your trip, because it strengthens your legs; grateful for your contempt, because it awakening your self-esteem; grateful abandoned your people, because he taught you that independence; everything grateful, Institute of gratitude, gratitude to all the people you grow up!

  Students, and a song called "thank you": I thank the moon lit up the night sky, thanks to the dawn Zhaoxia endorse for the spring snow melt for the land feeding the people, to thank his mother for giving me life ... thank harvest for peace for all of this all all.

  Thanksgiving-Fighting, Thanksgiving unlimited! Students, and Society Thanksgiving! Let us always to the life caring and full of love and love! Let us brought up their hands and work together, everyone aspired to build a socialist harmonious society!